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Use of survweying equipment

Most level instruments have an automatic horizontal adjustment of the line of sight. Levels are supplied in a case in which the instrument can be shock proof stored. All survey levels operate in a similar way. The function and operation of levels is explained using the Leica 720 which is the most available instrument in the storerooms.

Leica NA320 - Optical Level | TEquipment

Leica NA300 Series levels have been engineered for daily levelling tasks. Whatever the need, these levels measure with the highest precision and accuracy. These automatic (optical) levels provide the highest in both while being ergonomic in their handling and rugged for daily use in …

How to Use a Laser Level Video - YouTube

See how to lay out contour lines and figure out slope with a self-leveling laser level.

Levelling in Surveying Using Dumpy Level » Engineering Basic

Dumpy Level, also known as builder's Auto level or Automatic Level is an optical instrument used to establishing same points in the same horizontal plane. It is used in surveying and building with a vertical staff to measure height differences and to transfer, measure and set heights. While using a dumpy level, always understand that, the ...

Surveying made easy

the instrument anywhere 1.Extend the legs of the tripod as far as is required and tighten the screws firmly. 2. Set up the tripod so that the tripod plate is as horizontal as possible and the legs of the tripod are firm in the ground. 3. Now, and only now, place the instrument on the tripod and secure it with the central fixing screw. Levelling ...

Leica NA730 Plus Automatic 30x Optical Level - NA730 ...

30x Power, Built for builders, engineers, and surveyors, nothing stops a Leica NA700 Series Automatic Level. A short drop onto the ground, a fall into water, vibration from heavy machinery, with a Leica NA700 level you can continue working. No time-con

How to Maintain Your Survey Equipment

Using certain accessories can help maintain and enhance the abilities of your survey equipment. As already stated, a carry case is a very important accessory to own alongside your instrument as it provides protection for your equipment. We offer a range of carry cases amongst many other accessories that will help you day to day onsite.

Leica NA324 Auto Level | Automatic Levels

Leica NA324 auto levels have been engineered for daily leveling tasks. Whatever the need, these levels measure with the highest precision and accuracy. These automatic (optical) levels provide the highest in both while being ergonomic in their handling and rugged for daily use in the harshest conditions.

Leica TS60/MS60/TM60

Congratulations on the purchase of the Leica TS60/MS60/TM60. ... 5.5 Adjusting the Circular Level of the Instrument and Tribrach 61 5.6 Adjusting the Circular Level of the Prism Pole 62 ... Because of the risk of electrocution, it is dangerous to use poles, levelling

LEICA NA2 NAK2 - Leica Geosystems

LEICA NA2 The classical level from Leica Geosystems The NA2 universal auto-matic level meets all requirements regarding precision, convenience and reliability. It was designed by sur-veyors and development engineers with years of experience and who know what a field instrument has to be able to do. The NA2 soon pays for itself, because it can be

Automatic Levels Accuracy, Quality and Precision Solutions ...

The finest quality auto levels currently available are made by Nikon, Topcon, Sokkia and Leica, with their top end instruments being the most expensive, as would be expected. The top of the line automatic levels by these manufacturers are used for high-precision levelling and monitoring work.

Leica Geosystems 840385 NA524 Automatic Optical Level

To ensure the straightest and safest construction possible, you need a reliable instrument for all your levelling needs. On your terms, on your site, Leica Geosystems is your trusted partner and the Leica NA524 Series provides you with reliable levels for accurate measurements and high quality results.

Leica TS16 User Manual - Survey Equipment

5.5 Adjusting the Circular Level of the Instrument and Tribrach 61 5.6 Adjusting the Circular Level of the Prism Pole 62 5.7 Inspecting the Laser Plummet of the Instrument 63 5.8 Servicing the Tripod 64 6 Care and Transport 65 6.1 Transport 65 6.2 Storage 65 6.3 Cleaning and Drying 66 6.4 Maintenance 66 a t a D l a c i n h c e 7T 67 7.1 Angle ...

Digital Levels - Leica Surveying Solutions

The Leica Sprinters 150M and 250M offer advanced levelling and are able to store points (up to 1000) helping to avoid transcribing errors. This data can also be downloaded to any PC using a USB cable and with the free DataLoader program exports to Microsoft Excel are possible. Each Leica Sprinter is also able to calculate data.

Instruments Used In Leveling – Leveling-The Prime Branch ...

2. Digital Level: Digital automatic levels are a precise instruments used for precise leveling.Operation of digital levels is based on the digital processing of video indications of a coded staff. At the beginning of measurement a visual pointing of the instrument into the surface of leveling meter is performed.. With all the advances in electronics in distance measurement, angle measurement ...

Used Surveying Automatic Levels -

Automatic levels. Built to resist any climate condition in a construction project, Leica Geosystems automatic levels will allow you to take quick measurements thanks to its ergonomic design. Adjust horizontal levelling without loosing precision. We can't find products matching the selection.

Leica Automatic Level - Leica NA 332 Auto Level ...

The Leica NA 332 automatic (surveyors) level has been developed for professionals who are looking for the highest quality results day by day. With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces on construction and building sites, the NA332 optical levels rise to the occasion and ensure the straightest and safest construction possible.


Self levelled instruments An automatic level, self -levelling level or builder's auto level, includes an internal compensator mechanism (a swinging prism) that, when set close to level, automatically removes any remaining variation from level This reduces the need to set the instrument truly level, as with a dumpy or tilting level.

Used Surveying Levels Used Leica Automatic and Digital Levels

Fully serviced, certified and comes with 6 months warranty for both parts and labour. Technical service is key at the CPE. Our technicians examine, repair and clean every instrument available in our website and they issue Leica Geosystems' quality and warranty certificates once the …

Surveying Made Easy - Leica Geosystems

The Level 4 Preparing to Measure 5 Setting up the Level 5 Levelling-up the Instrument 5 Preparing the Instrument for Parallax-free Measurements 6 Inspecting the Line of Sight (two-peg test) 7 Measuring with the Level 8 Height Difference between two Points 8 Measuring Distances Optically with the Level 9 Line Levelling 10

A dumpy level, builder's auto level, leveling instrument, or automatic level is an optical instrument used to establish or check points in the same horizontal plane. It is used in surveying and building to transfer, measure, or set horizontal levels.

Leica NA 332 Automatic Level Manufacturer and Supplier

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What is an Automatic Level & How Does it Work? | Allen ...

To use an automatic level the user turns the levelling screws on the level until the circular bubble vial is centered. This puts the level into the range of the internal compensator. The user can then look through the telescope while a second person positions a leveling staff, or stadia rod, with its base on a known elevation or reference point.

Digital Level Surveying – we civil engineers

Digital levels use electronic image processing to evaluate the special bar-coded staff reading, This bar-coded pattern is converted into elevation and distance values using a digital image matching procedure within the instrument. ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL LEVEL Correction of collimation error: Can be reliably determined and saved using the four integrated Check and Adjust procedures or…

Heighting and Distance Accuracy with Electronic Digital ...

A Leica NA3000 electronic digital level, one of the newly-introduced heighting equipment, was evaluated for vertical and horizontal distance measurement. A well protected 170 m long 17-section test line was first established for this purpose using geodetic surveying techniques. The test instrument was then used to remeasure the line.

01 NA2 en - Leica Geosystems

By centring the circular level the instrument is almost level. A small instrument tilt remains (the vertical axis tilt). Compensator The compensator in the instrument is responsible for compensating the vertical axis tilt enabling an exactly horizontal aiming. The push button gives the pendulum a slight tap to check the functioning of the ...

Leica DNA03/DNA10 User Manual - Survey Equipment

Digital Level Congratulations on your purchase of the new Leica Geosystems digital level. This manual contains important safety directions as well as instructions for setting up the product and operating it. Refer to "Safety directions" for further information. Please read these instructions carefully before put-ting the instrument into operation.

Leica Jogger 20 Automatic Optical Level - Level Only ...

Leica's most economical Automatic Builders Level is designed specifically for general construction applications. The Leica Jogger 20 has a x20 magnification and is the ideal instrument for all your daily leveling tasks such as Building and Civil Engineering, Profiling, Landscaping, and Area Leveling.

Purpose: Perform Line Leveling using the Leica DNA series ...

Purpose: Perform Line Leveling using the Leica DNA series Digital Level Instrument: DNA10/DNA03 There are two models of the Leica DNA series Digital Level; the DNA03 and the DNA10. The DNA03 has the better level accuracy of 0.3mm RMS over 1 Km return leveling run compared to 0.9mm with the DNA10. This is when used with an Invar staff.

Auto Level Instrument - Leica NA324 Automatic Level ...

Manufacturer of Auto Level Instrument - Leica NA324 Automatic Level, Pentax Automatic Level AP-224, Autolevel Sokkia B40-A and Bosch Automatic Level Model GOL-32D offered by Rachana Enterprises, Pune, Maharashtra.